The Key To Real Estate
Really Is

Build A Business Around
Selling  The Perfect  Product:

Learn A Skill That Will
Last A Life Time !

3 Complete Commercial Financing Home Business Systems For The Financing Professionals !

Learn How You Can Broker Multi- Million Dollar Loans As A Commercial Money Broker And Earn Hundreds And Thousand Of Dollars In Fees From A Single Transaction!

Learn How To Can
Broker Commercial Properties To Qualified Institutional Buyers For Insane Profits!

Use This Business To Financing Your Own Commercial Properties And Exceed The 90% LTV Barrier And The FICA Limitations!

Truly Extreme Training !

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Finally Revealed!
After being silenced for over 6 Years, Georgia Man Breaks 10 Years Of Silence To Expose For The First Time The Inside Secrets, Strategies And Tools That Allowed Him To:

  • Secure Over $40 Million Dollars In Commercial Loans As A Principal

  • Financed 2 Portfolios of Commercial Real Estate Valued At Over $100 Million Dollar All  While Working As An Apprentice For A Retired Banker And International Financier.

Not Only Does He Pull Back The Veil And Expose The Details Behind His Transactions, He Has Taken These High Financing Tools And Resources And Created A Complete Virtual Commercial Financing Home Business System that contains 3 Commercial Financing Businesses IN 1 System.

  • A Commercial Money Brokering And Financing Business System ...  Step By Step Instructions

  • A Commercial Property Brokering Business System
    Step By Step Instructions

  • A 8 Week Financing Boot Camp Training Program For 100% Debt Relief While Learning The Business. 

  • Personal Joint Venture And Co-Brokering Opportunities!

                                 EXTREME FINANCING!

The Rules Have Changed!

The Bar Has Been Raised High!

Eric Grigsby

 Now You Can Easily Learn How To  FIND, FINANCE, And BROKER All Types Of Commercial Real Estate And Business Loans With Your Own Commercial Money Store..

You Can Even Use Your Money Store To  ACQUIRE Portfolios Of Income Producing Real Estate, Like These!

Click Here To See For Yourself

A Rare And Unique Commercial Financing
Home Business Opportunity!


* Below Is A complete A To Z Step By Step Professional Commercial Financing Business System On How You Can Begin Earning Insane Profits In The Lucrative Field Of Commercial Financing Business ... In As Little As 8 Weeks! Some PEOPLE can only talk a deal. We actually walk it and will show you how you can do it TOO!



  • Broker Commercial Loans
  • Broker Commercial Properties
  • Finance Your Own Projects
  • 3 Financing Businesses In 1


Our Financing Tool Box Contains All The Tools And Resources Needed To Start Your Own Professional Commercial Financing Home Business And Begin Earning Hundreds And Thousand of Dollars From A Single Transaction. It Includes:
  • Commercial Funding Sources Included
  • Commercial Property Buyers Included
  • Complete Forms And Documentation Library
  • Private Members Site
  • Private Members Forum
  • Access To Our Private Broker Network
  • Audio Boot Camp Training Library
  • Online Virtual Office
  • 6 Months Access Monthly Coaching Session

The Blue Print

This 8 Week Action Plan Is Designed To Put You On A Direct Path To Total And Complete Financial Freedom While Learning The Business Of Commercial Financing. You Will Be Your First Client.
Your 8 Week Goal Is To Learn Exactly What To Do And Not To Do To Earn Enough From Your First Transaction To:
  • Pay Off Your Home Or Buy A New One
  • Pay Off Your Cars Or Buy New Ones
  • Pay Off All Your Credit Cards
  • Set One Years Income Aside

During Your Training Period !

More Power Tools Inside. Just Keep Reading !

" I Urge You To Go Lock The Door, Print This Entire Page , Grab Your Favorite Beverage And Read Every Word Of This Letter, Because It's THAT Important To You, Your Family And Your Financial Future !
Here's Why?

 What If I Could Show You...


How to earn enough income in fees from your FIRST commercial financing transaction to Pay Off Your Home, Your Car, All Your Credit Cards And Even Set 1 Years Income Aside During Your  Week Training Period. Would You Do It?


How to earning a Six Figure Income in a matter of months by simply locating large sums of money for others and pocketing 1 and 2 % of the gross loan amount as your fee.


How to Open Your Own Money Store Using A Special Web Site And Take Your Business Immediately Into The Global Market 24/7. No geographical limitations..


How to locate, qualify and choose Vendors And Lenders with the best products and services to promote in your Money Store and bypass all the others that are a waste of time .


How to get the best terms and rates from any financial institution for yourself or your clients.


How to Locate and Screen borrowers that are eager to place million dollar commercial loans with you.


How to evaluate and identify a doable deal in 45 minutes or less without ever reading a business plan or taking an application.- Otherwise you will be working for FREE!


How to pick the best niche markets for the fastest and easiest deals. It only takes a little research for a special web site.


How to submit your loans to hundreds of lenders at once and have then competing for your business in as little as 24 hours. 


How to turn non- qualifying prospects immediate customer by providing them with some of your consultation services.


How to convert a portion of your FEE  agreement into a cash flow note secured against a commercial property.


How and when to take equity in your client's project. One question and you'll have the answer.


How to earn major profits and Fees by providing properties to  Institutional property Buyers. These Buyers are public companies and are cash buyers. They also have portfolios of commercial properties for sale. A Buyer and Seller In One.


How to remove all of the lenders risk from your transactions to get beyond the 80 and 90 percent LTV barriers for yourself or your clients...


How to present your own financing program to a lender if he doesn't have one that suites your needs.


How to discover and profit from 6 services that generate weekly and daily income streams prior to the closing.


How to begin originating loans and qualifying loans based on the properties income rather than the borrower's credit.


How to find and finance commercial properties for your own acquisitions and get non- recourse financing. Some properties can qualify for LTV's as high as 120%. You'll be SHOCKED at which properties DO NOT qualify ......

Would That Interest You?

If so then you are about to discover what may well be the best kept secret I've discovered regarding the Business of Commercial Real Estate Financing. You are about to learn about the exact system that I used to book over 100 Million Dollars In Commercial loans during my 3 year apprenticeship while sitting at the feet of a Master International Financier.

I know this information and my products are very controversial and I get a lot of heat and questions regarding my financing systems and models.

Frankly, I don't know why people have a hard time believing they cannot sell large sums of money for a very small fee. So I'll cut to the chase and tell you exactly what you can achieve with my financing program.

Here's exactly what you'll be able to achieve

Complete Debt Elimination FIRST !
You'll receive all the tools and resources necessary to start your own commercial Financing Home Based Business.  You will never have to share any of your profits with me. You will be able to work completely independent . There are no hidden cost. Any profits you earn are all yours 100%!!

Complete Freedom From To Grow Your Business !

Earn While You Learn
You will be your first client. You first assignment if you choose to accept it is to get completely debt free while learning this business. Over a 8 Week period, you'll learn exactly what to do to eliminate all of your debt. However, you can work at your own pace. Whether it's 8 Weeks, 8 Months or 8 Years, the decision is completely up to you. We provide you with the tools and a solid week by week action plan to follow. You determine how fast and soon you determine how much cash you will need to pay off your mortgage, your car, your credit cards and one years income. Then you select the projects that will give you that number,  This will be your first training assignment .We provide you with a 8 Week Training program for this purpose. The first step to true wealth building is debt elimination! We start with a firm foundation!

Learn A Skill That Will Last A Life Time!

Learn How To Broker Commercial Loans
You'll get all the tools and resources needed to broker commercial loan nationally or locally. You'll not only gain access to hundreds of Lenders, but you will learn how to approach these lenders and determine if you want to work with them. You'll conduct a few surveys and then select a lender or 2 to work with. You'll learn :

How To Choose A Lender To Work With. You only need 1! Not 200.

How To Evaluate A Lender' s Financing  Program

How To Choose  A Financing Program That You Can Sell .

How To Introduce A Custom Financing Program To Your Lender

How To Begin Building A Working Relationship With Your Lender.

How To Protect Your Fees And Assure That You Will Get Paid

How To Get Beyond The 80% LTV Barrier

Sell The One Product That Everyone Wants
 M=O=N=E=Y !


Learn How To Broker Commercial Properties
You'll gain access to hundreds of Institutional Commercial Property Buyer. These are "CASH Buyers" aggressively seeking commercial properties to purchase. In fact, they have to purchase properties. These firma will gladly pay you to bring them commercial properties. The will prefer to work with you because they won't have to pay the high fees that the big Commercial Real Estate Firms CHARGE. These Buyers also have properties for sale also. So each Buyer is also a Seller. This creates an awesome opportunity for any realtor or commercial property dealer. Every Buyer is also a Seller!

These Buyers Are Also Sellers!
2 Opportunities To Profit!
 A Realtors Haven!


Learn How To Market Your Personal Services
You'll also learn how to sell several financing services that most brokers perform for FREE. You will learn how to marker services that essential to the loan process for immediate profits whether you close a loan or not. You'll provide these valuable services:


Commercial Financing Consultation Service
$275.00 per Hour

Lender Matching Service
$275.00- $1,500.00

Loan Packaging Services-- $200.00 to $400.00

Profit FREE Online Services.

Loan Underwriting Services Using CMSA-IRP
Commercial Mortgage Securities Association Investor's Reporting Package
:$275.00 per package

Commercial Property Locating Service to : Professional Property Buyers

Other Brokers perform these services for free.
You Learn How To Perform Them For A Fee !


And There's Even More!
We've Raised The Bar High!
Insane Profits!

Let's not waste each other's time. If you are an opportunity seeker looking for something for nothing then this site isn't for you. We do not offer any get rich quick scams, gimmicks or other programs. We do not offer any FREE ebook or info-tainment products.


This Program Is Not For Everyone!

If you are not available to do the weekly assignments and exercises then our Commercial Financing Home Business System WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU! .

If you need to ask 25 questions before you take 1 step, then this program WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU!

If you cannot motivate yourself to do the things you need to do to get the results you want , this program WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU!

If you are not self motivated and do not believe in your own abilities and constantly discount yourself , this program WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU!



This Program Will Work For You:

If you are available to do the weekly assignments and exercises then our Commercial Financing Home Business System WILL WORK FOR YOU!

If you DO NOT NEED to ask 25 questions before you take 1 step, then this program WILL WORK FOR YOU!

If you can motivate yourself to do the things you need to do to get the results you want when you don't feel like doing them, then this program WILL WORK FOR YOU!

If you have basic business skills like the ability to communicate and talk intelligently with Lenders And Borrowers, the ability to follow specific instructions and have basic internet skills like copying, pasting and making folders, then this program WILL WORK FOR YOU !

If you can take full responsibility for your success and execution of the required actions, then this program WILL WORK FOR YOU!


However, if you are lacking in the above skills, you can use our program but it will take more than 8 week and it will be a slow process due to the steep learning curve. I say this not to discourage you but to be frank and sincere.

I also know that we individuals can do what ever we set out minds to in spite of our limitations.

What About You?

Are You Available To Execute This Program?

Are You Ready Willing To Apply Yourself?

Is This Your Time?


Let's See?

Complete the form below to continue. You will be directed to a brief questionnaire that will help us to determine if this program is for you .So please answer all the questions truthfully.


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